Big Cat High on Cocaine


Ohio authorities find big cat high on cocaine, attribute interest to popular ‘Cocaine Bear’ movie

The serval did not have to go through detox, but it was given some meds before being transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Hamilton County, Ohio dog wardens retrieved an exotic cat resembling a leopard from a tree in January, and after testing it for narcotics, the feline was found to have cocaine in its system.

According to a statement from Cincinnati Animal CARE, or CAC, the wardens responded to reports of a “leopard” in a tree in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati on Jan. 28.

When the wardens arrived, they were able to retrieve the big cat, now known as Amiry, from the tree before taking it to CAC.

The CAC medical team contacted a big cat expert to verify whether the cat was a hybrid F1 Savannah, which are legal to own in Ohio.

The team did not get confirmation, though, and the expert told them Amiry was likely a serval, which are illegal to own in the state.


The medical team also checked over the suspected serval, took a DNA sample and tested it for narcotics.

The DNA test confirmed Amiry was a serval, and the narcotics came back positive for cocaine.

Ray Anderson, a spokesman for Cincinnati Animal CARE, told FOX News Digital that, to his knowledge, the cat did not need to undergo detox.

“We examined Amiry, gave him some meds, and did the DNA test and drug test while he was at Cincinnati Animal CARE. He was transferred to the zoo a few days later. The zoo is currently working with him behind the scenes to see if he will join their Cat Ambassador program.”

Amiry’s owner, CAC said, was cooperative with investigators and charges are not being pursued at this time.

Anderson said although Amiry was found on Jan. 28, the organization remained fairly quiet about the ongoing case. That changed recently after ownership transfers of Amiry were finalized.

“I believe a court filing may have triggered the media interest,” Anderson said. “Additionally, coming on the heels of the ‘Cocaine Bear’ movie, we’re not shocked this caught a lot of attention.”

The movie “Cocaine Bear” is based on a true story about a black bear in a Georgia forest that goes on a cocaine-fueled rampage.

The case regarding Amiry remains open, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture is conducting its own investigation.

Anyone with information about the matter are encouraged to contact the Hamilton County Dog Wardens at 513-541-7387.


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