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National Nurses Week

At the end of the 19th century, “The Lady With the Lamp” — or as she is more widely known, Florence Nightingale — founded modern nursing. Thanks to her strict use of hand-washing and hygiene practices while caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, Nightingale and her helpers reduced the death rate from 42% […]

Bancorp Unit to Buy Signature Bank Assets

New York Community Bancorp unit to buy Signature Bank assets – FDIC A subsidiary of New York Community Bancorp has entered into an agreement with U.S. regulators to buy deposits and loans from New York-based Signature Bank, which was closed a week ago. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) said the deal would see the […]

Taliban Militants Fed Up With Office Culture

Taliban Militants Fed Up With Office Culture, Ready to Quiet Quit Almost two years after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the jihadists who transitioned from the battlefields to paper-pushing government jobs in the city are ready to quiet quit. The Afghanistan Analysts Network, a non-profit policy research organization working to increase the understanding of life […]

Ericsson to go on Cost-Cutting With Layoffs

As part of its cost-cutting strategy, telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson will layoff 8,500 workers globally, according to a memo written to staff members and seen by Reuters news agency. “The way headcount reductions will be managed will differ depending on the local country practice,” Chief Executive Borje Ekholm wrote in the memo. “In several countries, […]

US Has a Teacher Shortage

Surrounded by kindergarteners, Lana Scott held up a card with upper and lower case Ys, dotted with pictures of words that started with that letter: Yo-yo. Yak. Yacht. “What sound does Y make?” Scott asked a boy. Head down, he mumbled: “Yuh.” Instead of moving on, she gave him a nudge. “Say it confident, because […]

Free Subway Rides for the Elderly

In South Korea, free subway rides for the elderly become a political headache Every day, 71-year-old Park Gyung-sun delivers flowers, documents and other packages around Seoul – a job popular among senior citizens who are entitled to ride the city’s subways for free. The work, dubbed “silver delivery” in South Korea, earns Park, a former […]

Ford to Cut 3,800 Jobs in Europe

Ford Motor Co. is planning to slash 3,800 jobs in Europe over the next three years to lower costs and boost profits as it continues to shift toward electric vehicles, the auto maker said on Tuesday. The bulk of the job cuts would primarily hit Ford’s European product development staff, reducing the number of Europe-based […]

Barney the Purple Dinosaur is Back and has a New Look

Barney is back, and while Mattel has not yet officially confirmed it, we’re guessing he still loves you.   Toy giant Mattel (MAT) announced Monday that Barney, the friendly (and, let’s be honest, cringe-worthy to a large group of Millennials who watched him as pre-schoolers, and to their parents) purple dinosaur is making a triumphant […]

EBay Will Cut 4% of Its Workforce

EBay Inc. is cutting about 500 employees — or 4% of its workforce — as the e-commerce company continues to face slower consumer spending after a brief pandemic boom. The reductions are in response to the “macroeconomic situation around the world,” Chief Executive Officer Jamie Iannone said Tuesday in a statement, and are necessary to […]

A 30% National Sales Tax

A 30% national sales tax? Abolishing the IRS? What the FairTax Act of 2023 would do. There is hardly an area of American life more subject to partisan debate than the tax code. Democrats want to raise taxes. Republicans want to slash them. At least that’s how the well-worn narrative goes. But, in actuality, debate […]