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Jobless Claims Drop

Jobless claims drop to 3-week low of 230,000. Still no sign of rising U.S. layoffs. The numbers: The number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits last week fell by 10,000 to a three-week low of 230,000, offering further evidence that the labor market remains rock solid.   New jobless claims slipped from a revised […]

NYC’s New Rule on Takeout Utensils Begins

NYC’s new rule on takeout utensils begins; Eateries, stores must start using garbage containers on Tuesday It’s a new era for restaurants in New York City. Two new rules take effect this week that will impact your takeout and delivery experience, among other things. Picking up food now comes with a new responsibility for the […]

US Has a Teacher Shortage

Surrounded by kindergarteners, Lana Scott held up a card with upper and lower case Ys, dotted with pictures of words that started with that letter: Yo-yo. Yak. Yacht. “What sound does Y make?” Scott asked a boy. Head down, he mumbled: “Yuh.” Instead of moving on, she gave him a nudge. “Say it confident, because […]

Inflation Eases Again

Inflation eased for a seventh month straight in January, but interest rates will keep rising as the Fed works harder to root stubbornly high prices out of the economy. Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday morning showed prices rose 6.4 percent in January compared to the year before. That marked a […]

NYC Ending COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

New York City, which once had the nation’s strictest workplace vaccination rules for COVID-19, is ending one of its last such mandates, saying it will no longer require the shots for municipal employees including police officers, firefighters and teachers. The vaccine mandate, which led to the firing of hundreds of city workers who declined to […]

A 30% National Sales Tax

A 30% national sales tax? Abolishing the IRS? What the FairTax Act of 2023 would do. There is hardly an area of American life more subject to partisan debate than the tax code. Democrats want to raise taxes. Republicans want to slash them. At least that’s how the well-worn narrative goes. But, in actuality, debate […]

Jobs Without a Degree?

Georgia Senate advances bill cutting college degree requirements for state jobs GA would join states such as CO and MD in eliminating some degree requirements A Georgia Senate committee is advancing a bill that would instruct an agency to examine qualifications for state government jobs and not require a college degree unless truly necessary. The […]

2022 Was Slowest Year for US Home Sales

U.S. home sales tumbled to the slowest pace in nearly a decade as soaring mortgage rates and sky high prices in 2022 pushed homeownership out of reach for many Americans. The National Association of Realtors said Friday that existing U.S. home sales totaled 5.03 million last year, a 17.8% decline from 2021. That is the […]

Nurses in New York City to Strike

Thousands of nurses in New York City to strike in pursuit of fair contract Strike date at seven hospitals set for 9 January after 98.8% vote in favor, with wages, staff ratios and health insurance key issues At least 12,000 nurses at seven hospitals in New York City are threatening to strike after their union […]


‘NOBODY GIVES A DAMN:’ Home Depot co-founder blames ‘socialism’ for lack of motivation to work The co-founder of Home Depot is pointing the finger at socialism for why Americans no longer have the drive to work.   Bernie Marcus, who along with Arthur Blank made the home improvement big box retailer a North American empire, […]